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Volunteers Rock! 10 Reasons Why Your Service Empowers Your Community

The importance of volunteering in your local community and the impact it has on those around you cannot be overstated. Whether you choose to volunteer by working at a food pantry or by helping pick up trash off the side of the road, off the local beaches, or out of the ocean, your time and energy help make your community a better place to live.

Here at Kodak Cares, we take the time to help those in our communities who need it most through our Pillars of Love program.

What Is the Pillars of Love Program?

Our Pillars of Love program helps empower and lift up single mothers of color who need help to have more opportunities to improve their education, income levels, access to quality healthcare (including mental health support), and training in financial literacy.

Here at Kodak Cares, we cannot thank our volunteers enough for the impact they make on our local communities. We are always looking for volunteers to help with our community improvement projects, and we can't thank those who give their time and energy to our ministries enough for what they do. If it weren't for our generous volunteers dedicating their time and efforts to our cause, we would not be able to have the same impact on single mothers in our community.

10 Reasons to Volunteer With Kodak Cares or Other Causes in Your Community

The following are ten reasons why your service in your community matters to the organizations to which you choose to give your time:

1. You Can Help Lift People Out of Poverty

Lifting women out of poverty and giving them (and their children) a chance to have a better life includes empowering them to believe in themselves and determine their own futures. Women who are empowered not only can help themselves but can provide a better life for their children, as well.

2. You Are Helping Children

Lifting single women of color out of poverty means that you are not just helping them, but you are helping their children. Ensuring that single mothers can provide their children with their basic needs like food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education ensures that children in our community don't grow up without the basic things that they need to thrive. You can create a future that can help children break the cycle of poverty and create a bright future for themselves where they can achieve their dreams.

3. You Help Society Fulfill a Social Responsibility

It's part of our society's social responsibility to ensure that we are taking care of those who are less fortunate than we are. We can lift up other people and give them a chance to succeed. When we help single mothers, we are not only fulfilling our social responsibility to society and making our local community stronger.

4. You Help Others Realize Their Potential

When you volunteer your time to help those who are less fortunate, you are helping them realize their potential. You are telling them that others believe in them and their potential to reach their dreams. Not only does volunteering your time tell someone that you believe in them, but your time and energy help give them the resources they need. You’re helping them recognize their true potential and their dreams.

5. You Help Strengthen Your Community

We are making sure that people know that they can reach their potential, as well as helping them provide for their children. Empowering others helps them achieve things that can help them become more independent and change their lives. When individuals are more financially stable and able to care for themselves, the community is also enriched because of it.

6. Help Someone Live a Comfortable Life While They Advance Their Career

The generous donation of your time can help single mothers of color ensure their needs and those of their children are met while they focus on bettering themselves and creating a brighter future for their families. When single mothers are secure and can meet the basic needs of their families, such as enough food, clean drinking water, a secure shelter, access to healthcare, etc., they can focus their time on advancing their education. Then they can find a secure, good-paying job that helps them get out of poverty and become self-sufficient in the future while realizing the dreams they have for themselves and their children.

7. Find a Sense of Belonging in a Community With Others

The people that you volunteer with will help you feel like you have a sense of belonging in your community. You can all work together to help others who are less fortunate improve their quality of life. Teaming up with others helps you make new friends and create a bond that is unbreakable, all while helping others obtain a higher quality of life for both themselves and their children.

8. Feeling a Sense of Purpose and Happiness

Helping others improve their lives can help you feel a heightened sense of purpose and happiness in life. Helping others innately makes those of us doing the helping feel better about ourselves. We feel like we are serving a higher purpose by lifting families out of poverty and helping them find a better quality of life. Helping others improve their quality of life and fulfill their potential can help make our communities a better place.

9. Making You Feel Satisfied

Satisfaction can come with helping others. You feel good when you help those who are less fortunate than you. You lift and empower others while also making you feel good about yourself. The satisfaction of helping someone else is almost unparalleled.

10. Having Fun

Ultimately, helping others can be a fun endeavor that makes you feel good about yourself. You meet new people as you lift them and help them access things like food, clean drinking water, secure shelter, quality healthcare, and better education. You will also make friends along the way and get to create bonds that last a lifetime. Many times, when you make new friends, you can have fun while also helping others.

Kodak Cares thanks every single volunteer who donates their time to our cause of Pillars of Love. We appreciate every single person who takes the time to volunteer with us, and we are always looking for more volunteers so we can continue to expand our outreach and try to help more single mothers and their children. Again, please remember that you don't go unnoticed by us here at Kodak Cares or by the people you serve.


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