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Our Story

Kodak Cares is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2018 that works to assist single mothers of color that are at the bottom of the poverty pyramid experiencing compound poverty.  Our mission is to foster and facilitate dynamic, strategic programs that empower, support, uplift and provide access to low-income single mothers of color and their families.

We believe that single mothers of color experience poverty in a unique way compared to other groups of people that struggle living below the poverty line. For this reason, our goal is to bridge the gap in education, income, housing, employment and healthcare for single mothers of color. We partner with the community to provide resources and support to women that serve as the foundation for the communities they live in.

We support these women through initiatives that work to educate, strengthen, and empower them on their path to becoming independent and proud. Single mothers of color are the foundation of their household and we look to provide the support needed to strengthen and raise their foundation.

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